Thursday, December 01, 2005


Is Google Search Over Hyped?

Google is supposed to be the defacto queen of web search. Or so it look likes. Until now, even I thought so. Recent blind study finds not so. Is it a myth?

Guys from began a Search Engine Experiment to discover which of the top search engines really offers the most relevant search results. With 5,000+ participants thus far, the below Pie reveal the results as they currently stand:

Most Relevant Graph

The modes operandi works like this -- the user is asked to key in a search string. Results are fetched from the three search engines branded as (brand x, y & z) and user is asked to judge which search engine is most relevant. The surprise is.......

Current results show Google offered 42% relevant results compared to 33% for Yahoo and 27% for MSN. This is not a great performance considering the close figures by yahoo & MSN and the much hype surrounding Google Search. Though, Google is clearly the leader, the margins are not so high to make it the defacto engine as perceived.

(Note: the image above is updated automatically, so you will probably be seeing newer figures than written).

They are planning to experiment indefinitely with the test results automatically updated every 15 minutes. The updated results will be shown in the images above and below.

Readers can take the blind test to find out which search engines' results you personally prefer.

Included is also a disclaimer that despite best efforts at making the test fair, and prevent cheating, they remind that by no means the accuracy of these test results can be gauranteed.

So watch out this blog.

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