Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Survey: What Do Symbian S60 Device Users Want?

Source: Nokia Developer Newsletter dated Nov. 22, 2005

For the uninitiated Symbian Inc has renamed Series 60 to S60 to encompass the everchanging game of Mobile device.

What do smartphone users want? According to a new survey of S60 device users, conducted by Nokia, their strongest smartphone interests are personalization, ring tones, and imaging. The survey used special software on the devices of roughly 600 users in the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, and the United States to collect hard facts on how smartphones are used. Some key findings follow.

Smartphone use goes well beyond basic voice calls and messaging. In fact, on average, the U.S. panelists employ 13 applications a week. Among those applications are browsers, camera, media gallery, profiles, and Bluetooth interfaces.

Personalization and ring tones are popular. More than 60 percent of U.S. panelists have configured thumbnail photos for their contacts, and two-thirds use photos they took with their smartphones. More than 95 percent have changed their ring tones, and about 85 percent have changed them more than once. All but 2 percent of European panelists take at least one photo each with their devices each week. About 70 percent of European panelists shoot at least one video a week. Their favorite way of moving photos from the device: Bluetooth technology.

Are there any takers ?

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