Monday, April 30, 2007


Mobile WiMAX drives chipset market

Market research firm In-Stat has projected the global WiMAX chipset market to reach 2.1 crore units in 2011 from 3 lakh units in 2006. The firm believed the growth to be driven by the emergence of mobile WiMAX applications.

Vendors of ICs for fixed WiMAX applications have redirected their efforts to mobile WiMAX since about the middle of 2006, said In-Stat. The majority of WiMAX chipsets produced in 2005 and 2006 were 802.16d-compliant and aimed at fixed WiMAX. A small percentage of chipsets produced early in 2006 were used in early WiBro (mobile WiMAX) devices.

"Fujitsu, Intel, Sequans and Wavesat were the fixed WiMAX base band market leaders in 2005 and 2006; all have since shifted focus to mobile WiMAX," said Gemma Tedesco, as In-Stat analyst, in a statement. "In addition, fixed WiMAX radio providers Sierra Monolithics and Analog Devices have announced mobile WiMAX solutions."

Intel Corp. has been working for years to build up the WiMAX vendor ecosystem and Sprint's announcement that it would build out a mobile WiMAX network was a huge boost for the movement overall, and has in turn put much pressure on mobile WiMAX solution vendors.

Base band vendors Beceem and Runcom are leaders in mobile WiMAX, and are powering some of the early WiBro devices. Other base band vendors aiming at mobile WiMAX include Altair Semiconductor, Amicus, ApaceWave and Redpine Signals. RF IC providers who have jumped straight into the mobile WiMAX market include NXP, GCT Semiconductor and AsicAhead.

Source : EE-Times

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