Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Sony cooks up gaming phone, applies for patent

Sony Ericsson has applied for a U.S. patent for a mobile device with video game features, but disclosed it is not yet ready to launch the phone based on Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) video game brand, according to a Reuters report.

The company did not deny development of a device combining its phone technology with Sony's portable video game technology, but said it was not set to announce any product.

Commenting on newspaper and blog reports claiming that Sony Ericsson would launch a PSP-based cellphone, spokeswoman Merran Wrigley said the company is evaluating other propositions but they won't be including parts on phones that will destroy the brand equity built up by Sony.

The cellphone maker has sold music phones and camera phones that capitalized on Sony's Walkman music player and Cyber-Shot digital camera brand. However, Wrigley added that the company did not release the products until it felt that customers would not have to compromise on either the phone or media capability.

Source : EE-Times

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